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Pilates Classes Near Me

Pilates Classes Near Me in Portland

Searching for a boutique Pilates studio in Portland? Stop in to BFF Studios to see how we differ from Pilates classes located at overcrowded and impersonal local gyms.


At our Pilates studio in Portland, we have traditional and non-traditional Pilates offerings. In our standard Pilates sessions, our certified coaches teach all facets of the practice. We are strongly focused on helping each individual achieve correct form as a way to benefit the most from Pilates. With proper technique, you’re able to move seamlessly through each pose and gain benefits such as toning, strengthening, and flexibility. Pilates takes concentration and we help attendees achieve that by providing a relaxing studio atmosphere. Our coaches also lead class members in breathing exercises to confirm that the inhales and exhales are done in time with each move.


BFF Studios also provides new opportunities to introduce Pilates into your workout routine. Besides standard Pilates classes, we offer combination classes that blend different features of exercise disciplines. As one example, we have sessions that have a class called Barre. During this session, attendees practice poses from both yoga and Pilates. Plyometrics are also included in the routines. Ballet is one of the other parts of Barre Attack - we utilise the Ballet Barre to create strong elongated muscles. 


Pilates, Barre, and other Pilates-themed classes are available in our main studio throughout the week. Session times vary.


Searching for Pilates classes near me online and not sure where to start? Sign up for a single or multi-day session online through our web store. BFF Studios is a Pilates studio that can offer a great opportunity to try out this highly beneficial practice.

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