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Private Workouts

Private Workouts with Friendly and Fit Personal Trainers in Portland

Although many individuals want to launch their fitness journeys, they have no idea where to start. BFF Studios provides Personal Training for private workouts with some of the best personal trainers in Portland.

Anyone can truly benefit from private workouts. When you work one on one or in a small group with a personal trainer, you’re getting taught more than the basics about fitness. Workout classes are often busy and the instructors are unable to provide feedback to all attendees. With private workouts, the focus is on you. Your personal trainer will coach you through a workout routine. The trainer gives you feedback on your form and helps you make the most out of your workouts. Our personal trainers at BFF Studios are available to help you reach your fitness goals.

With private workouts at BFF Studios, a personal trainer evaluates your fitness level and discusses what you want to get out of the sessions. Are you there to tone up? Do you want to lose a few kilos? Are you looking for a workout to reinvigorate a stale exercise routine? Our trainers design workouts that keep you engaged and feeling good about yourself.


BFF Studios provides flexible private workouts with our trainers. We work with you to choose a day and time that is most convenient. Package options include a single 30-minute session and a single 60-minute session. Discounted sessions are also available for two clients who wish to attend a 30-minute session together. Along with suggesting workouts, the personal trainers offer guidance on nutrition and how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Our team members can recommend eating guidelines to help you get back on track. Personal trainers at BFF Studios have a background in physiology, nutrition, weight management, muscle training, and proper exercise procedures.

Contact us today to book sessions with personal trainers in Portland and get started on your fitness journey.

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