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Pilates is good for everyone.
Learn all you need to be successful in our Pilates Foundations 4 week course

Pilates Foundations is 1 session each week for 4 weeks designed to teach you a brief history of Pilates, How to find and engage your T-Line (aka Core), perform the moves with correct technique and safety.  

  • Whole-body fitness

  • For all ages and abilities

  • Strengthens muscles

  • Increases flexibility

  • Develops core strength

  • Improves posture

  • Increases energy

  • Supports healthy weight

  • Involves mind and body

  • Options for all


30 day "Kick start your health" program.

NEW program 2023


All the nutrition information you need to guide you through (product purchase required)

BFF Studios membership 

Body Composition scans start, middle and end of program so you can clearly see your progress both inside and out

3 1-1 coaching sessions with Brenda

Want to know more?

Text 0485 868 450 with your email and mobile number

and Brenda will call you to discuss if this program is right for you.

There are only 10 spots available for this round

Get in quick and be the first to secure your spot.

BFF Studios is a Private Fitness Studio

based in the small coastal town of Portland, Victoria.

We offer Wellness packages for  Personal Training, Semi Privates  and Group Classes both in person and online.

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BFF Classes


"Why go to BFF? Simple. It’s fun and there's a class to suit everyone.

For me, it’s the 50's and over. I’ve been in Brenda's classes and PT for more than 10 years. Her expertise, care and dedication to each individual is always apparent. The routines change and a laugh is guaranteed.

So, anyone wanting to meet new people and enjoy a session, I can recommend BFF.

Personally, I’ve met some great friends with this group and we enjoy going out for a cuppa or lunch weekly.

I believe as we age, exercise is so important. Our group has members near 80, how good is that? Everyone does what they’re able to and Brenda always finds an alternative way to do an exercise if you find it difficult. We just love it."

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