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Functional Fitness Classes Portland

Functional Fitness  Classes Portland Area

Looking for functional fitness classes Portland residents? BFF Studios is here to get you up and moving. Our coaches love to move and want to share their passion for functional workouts with you.


REV+FLOW fitness classes are a fun way to start working out. REV+FLOW is truly an exercise that anyone can enjoy. Many individuals new to REV+FLOW are intimidated by not knowing if they can perform all the moves. Never feel shy about not being a REV+FLOW expert after only a single class. As long as you’re moving to the music, you’re doing REV+FLOW correctly.


Benefits of REV+FLOW fitness classes are plentiful. For one, classes are high energy with no jumping insight and the constant movement is making you burn a ton of calories. Secondly, REV+FLOW classes are fun and will definitely include smiling. Many of our members tell us that REV+FLOW provides a great opportunity to relieve stress.


BFF Studios provides an easy way for you to reserve your REV+FLOW fitness classes. You can opt to book a REV+FLOW class and pay as you go. Each REV+FLOW class is low-cost and you can find extra savings by booking multiple sessions. When you reserve 10 sessions, you pay a discounted rate. The 10-pack entitles you to 10 classes of REV+FLOW or any other of BFF Studios small group sessions at our clean and well-appointed Portland studio. Our coaches have years of experience and will show you why this functional fitness workout is so popular today.


Contact BFF Studios today to book REV+FLOW fitness classes. REV+FLOW classes are held at different session times from Monday through Friday. Portland residents can book a single class online or reserve multiple REV+FIT fitness classes. Class sizes are small, with no more than 10 others, to provide personalised attention.

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