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Tai Chi Classes

BFF Studios: Best Local Fitness Studio in Portland

BFF Studios believes 100 percent, we are the best local fitness studio. We are able to make this claim because we truly care about all our clients. Your health is a priority to our coaches and we provide a rotating schedule of innovative workout sessions, including Tai Chi Classes.


Tai Chi classes at BFF Studios focus on getting your entire being in harmony. To achieve wellness, the mind must be integrated with the body. Movements within Tai Chi classes are very controlled and deliberate. Breathing correctly is another important component of Tai Chi classes. The goal of Tai Chi is once the body and mind come together in harmony, our life energy is able to be cultivated. Tai Chi classes are small with usually less than 12 attendees. With personalized attention, we are able to help clients by providing feedback and guidance throughout class sessions.


Searching for a best local fitness studio with warm and encouraging coaches? Then, give BFF Studios a try and see why all our members rave about our space. We specialize in small group instruction and also offer personal training services. Personal training sessions can be customized to your goals and fitness level. Contact our studio today to book any upcoming Tai Chi classes. We provide multiple booking options for Tai Chi. Purchase a single drop-in class membership or reserve a 10-pack of sessions. With the 10-pack option, you’re able to attend any 10 Tai Chi classes held at BFF Studios.

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