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Worried about staying on track this, Easter? Here's the top 5 tips to staying healthy this Easter

No need to stress! It can be tricky to navigate the Easter holidays when you really want to stick to your nutrition goals. But a little flexibility is SO important – a weekend of Easter celebrations will NOT ruin your progress. With Easter right around the corner, I thought I’d share the top 5 tips to staying on track and celebrating Easter 1. Reset your mindset When you’ve been sticking to a mostly healthy eating plan you may feel like it’s ‘wrong’ to eat some not so healthy foods you wouldn’t typically have - but you need to ditch this mindset ASAP! Indulging in some festive foods does not mean that you have ‘failed’ your healthy eating plan.

Eating a healthy balanced diet for most of the time is what affects your health goals. Having some treats over a weekend won’t derail your process! Be kind to yourselves, Easter is no time to be feeling guilty for eating some chocolate! 2, Make time for a workout Whilst we are taking a break to be with family on Good Friday and Easter Sunday – don’t let this stop you from fitting in a workout!

Starting your day with a walk or a home workout is the perfect way to keep your metabolism going. You could even try exercising with your family and friends in the morning before your Easter lunch (If you are a member of BFF Studios why not try one of our recorded classes in our BFF Members Only Facebook group.)

BFF Studios has Energised group exercise session at 9am on Easter Saturday 8/4/23 at 9am with Hayley and then a Group Training session at 9am on Easter Monday 10/4/23.

To book go

3. Be mindful of alcohol Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol may not be the best idea if your goal is to stay on track this Easter. Don’t be fooled, there can be a lot of calories in alcohol and it adds up very quickly. On top of that, alcohol gets rid of beneficial nutrients in the body like B vitamins and zinc, making it difficult for you to bounce back after the Easter weekend. You can definitely enjoy alcohol over the holidays, but be mindful of the quantity and the types of drinks you choose. A tip I love to follow is to have a glass of water between each drink!

4. Stay consistent Although your diet may be a little different than normal over the Easter holidays, one thing you should keep consistent is your supplements (vitamins. Minerals, medications etc) can make a big difference in terms of regulating appetite, increasing energy, and managing sugar cravings, which will help you make better food choices over the weekend. Having protein powder is key to help with this – as you probably know, I LOVE my protein smoothies in the mornings – they keep me fuller for longer and help curb the sugar cravings.

Gut Health is also important, and I take my supplements each morning in my “Glow Shot” – Greens, Skin Elixir and Gut Health 5. Enjoy healthier Easter treats! Let’s face it, we all love a little chocolate indulgence at Easter, and there is nothing wrong with that! If you can, opt for dark chocolate (the higher percentage the better) since it contains less sugar and more cocoa than milk chocolate whilst still satisfying chocolate cravings. Now is also the time to experiment with making healthier desserts! There are plenty of healthy dessert recipes on our Facebook and Instagram that we post weekly. Have you tried baking with protein powder. If not give it a try!

Try Chocolate Protein Brownies they are the perfect way to get added protein in, whilst eating a delicious dessert!

I hope my tips will help make this Easter a healthier celebration so that you can stay on track with your health goals!

It is so important to remember that a balanced lifestyle allows for some flexibility – everything is okay in moderation. Spend the Easter holidays celebrating with your loved ones and hop right back into your regular eating and exercising routine once it’s over!

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