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Feel comfortable in the skin you are in

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

We have heard this term many times but what does it actually mean? The official explanation is to be relaxed and confident in one's manner of presenting oneself and interacting with others/ contented and happy with the way you are.

Take charge of your thoughts, especially when it's feelings about yourself. It can be one of the toughest things to do especially when you don't feel confident. Sometimes you critique yourself and feel shy around others when you can't find ways to feel comfortable in your own skin, rather than embracing yourself for who you are.

Why put yourself through that kind of stress when you're already perfect? Even though it can be hard to feel beautiful in your own skin, there's a way to overcome your negative thoughts and learn to accept yourself for who you are.

"It all comes down to self-worth — feeling that you are truly of value, no matter how you look or act or think or what others think of you. Feeling comfortable in your own skin and accepting who you truly are—seeing your strengths and weaknesses and learning to embrace them.

Too many of us think 'If I just looked better, were skinnier, were more successful, had a flat tummy, thinner legs etc then I’d feel comfortable in my own skin.

It’s not about that at all. None of those things will help until you learn self-worth. Rather than filling your head with thoughts of things you wish you had, find beauty in the things you already do have — whether that pertains to the way you look, your career, or personality.

Here are 11 ways for you to do just that.

1. Stop Seeking Validation From Other People

Find it within yourself to become comfortable with who you are. If you are someone who is a perfectionist or a people-pleaser and lives for others' validation (as we all do, at least from time to time!), these factors can really prohibit you from being comfortable in your own skin and living in accordance with your own wants and needs (instead of others')

2. Fake It 'Til You Make It

No one has all the answers. I'm not saying you should pretend to be someone you're not, forcing yourself to be comfortable in your skin can allow you to eventually be comfortable for real. Sometimes it can help in the sense of putting forth the confidence you need to just get out there and tackle that new goal, even if you don’t feel like you’re comfortable yet. Sometimes we need to push ourselves into those uncomfortable situations so we can discover the strength we really have and see it in action. But, I do not encourage to fake who you are.

3. Become Self-Aware

Becoming more self-aware usually doesn't happen overnight, but even the slightest baby steps to be more aware can allow you to be more confident. We need to be aware of who we really are. Be willing to see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the exceptional in us. Look for your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t judge just gather information about who you are.

4. Accept Your Weaknesses

While you're learning to be more self-aware, try to accept all of your characteristics, even your "bad" ones. Theen practice self-acceptance. Focus on accepting each quality you’ve discovered about yourself. For some, accepting the weaknesses will be toughest; for others, accepting strengths will be a challenge. As you work on self-acceptance, one quality and experience at a time, you will begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

5. Practice Self-Love

Stop being so harsh on yourself. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes. The more easygoing you are with yourself, the better you may feel. Practice self-love. Be kind to yourself. Do nice things for yourself. Be compassionate when you make a mistake and tell yourself 'it’s okay.' Let others love you.

6. Work On Current Personal Issues

While it's never easy to dig deep into your insecurities, one of the only ways you're able to feel comfortable in your skin is by fixing those problematic thoughts and feelings. "Work on the issues that are making you feel uncomfortable with yourself. Ask yourself, what do you need to do or change to be a person who likes and respects themselves more. This can lead the way to discovering what you need to do to be more comfortable with who you are.

7. View Your Thoughts From An Outsider's Point Of View

Imagine if your friend was saying all the negative things you're thinking about yourself. Would you tell them to stop? Would you agree with what they're saying? Try to view your negative thoughts from an outsider's point of view so you can stop yourself from saying those not-so-great things inside your own head. You might need to ask yourself "what do I need to do and change in order to be the type of person who can love and feel good about themselves."

8. Don't Listen To The Media & Make Your Own Rules

Sometimes it's not easy to be comfortable in your skin when you're constantly surrounded by magazines and movies that emphasis on what the "perfect human body" is. Rather than trying to fit that type of image, learn to appreciate your body, because you're beautiful just the way you are. The culture and media tell us that we 'should' look, act, or feel a certain way, and if we don't (which we invariably don't all the time!), we feel self-conscious, insecure, and uncomfortable with ourselves. Don't listen be your own self - You are you and you are unique.

9. Surround Yourself With Positive People

While not everyone is perfect, surrounding yourself with people who support you will help you love yourself because if they love you for you then why the hell don't you

10. Stop Worrying About What Other People Are Thinking About You

When we place too much value on what others think rather than on what we think, feel and believe about ourselves, we will feel more uncomfortable with who we are. As we work to develop self-worth and self-love, we will find we can let others’ opinions go. You're using too much of your precious energy stressing out how others are viewing you. Just be yourself and the right people will be attracted to you for the right reasons.

11. Practice Gratitude

Sometimes it's easy to take our ourselves for granted, even when we don't mean to. Try to remember all the wonderful things you already put into the world and learn to be grateful for what you already have. Practice gratitude for all of the things that you can — and do — contribute to the world: all of the things that you can do with your body, your mind, your personality, your spirit, etc.,

While it might take some time to overcome your insecurities, as long as you're true to yourself and love all your flaws and strengths, you can become comfortable in your own skin.

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